HOLE #17

Golf La Prairie - 17e Trou

PAR 3 - HANDICAP 12/12

What a nice Par 3! The panorama is completely different depending on the chosen tee off area. The green is huge; therefore, the difficulty is not in reaching it, but in selecting the club. You must take the wind into account, from the plateau where the pin is located and the 7 meters (23 feet) of swales separating the tee off area from the green. What a challenge! Your foursome could have a ringside seat to see a hole in one if one of you succeeds in combining strategy and execution perfectly. Before going to the 18th hole, turn around and take a moment to look towards the falls.

Green dimension:   xxxm2, xxxyd2, (xxxxft2)

Green depth: 40.2m, 44yd