Vitesse de jeu


The maximum time allowed to complete a round at Golf La Prairieis 4 hours 32 minutes. A patrol officer will be there at all times to help you respect the speed of play. Clocks are installed at every second holes to help you assess your playing tempo.

Groups behind you will appreciate the fact that you are care about your playing time.

Tenue vestimentaire

The following items are prohibited on the course:

  • Metal spike shoes
  • For men: undershirts, sleeveless sweaters or T-Shirts
  • Jeans or other denim clothing item
  • Sport outfits 

    * Please note that these restrictions do not apply for the driving range.

Code de conduite

  • At all times, you must arrive 30 minutes before your starting time.
    (Remember that the starting time means the moment you hit your ball on the first tee area.) 
  • Carts must cross the fairways à 90 degrees, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Electric carts and hand carts are prohibited in a delimited perimeter (50 feet) around the greens.
  • Do not forget to replace your divots and to repair ball marks on the greens.

Politique d'annulation

For all cancellations, changes, adding or removing a player, you must contact the club by telephone at least 24 hours before your starting time.