Pro Shop

The Pro shop offers you everything you can expect from a pro shop:

  • A wide range of various clothing, from the simple cap to shoes, both for men and women.
  • A vast selection of golf clubs, from drivers to putters, all from major and well-known brands.
  • Rental of high quality sets of clubs, which are renewed each year.
  • All golf related accessories: balls, gloves, tees, carts, golf bag, and more.
  • A consulting and quality analysis service choosing your equipment with the teaching staff of theGolfPerformanceAcademy.
  • A large quantity of demonstrator clubs available.
  • A fast service is available to change your grips and to repair or adjust your clubs.
  • Clothes and accessories with the GolfLa Prairielogo
  • A helpful team is always available to answer your questions, and to guide you as best as possible for your every purchase.
  • Finally yet importantly, a pleasant setting to make your visit to the pro shop a memorable experience.